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This Strange And Familiar Place (So Close To You #2) by Rachel Carter

This Strange And Familiar Place (So Close To You #2) by Rachel Carter
Release Date: July 2, 2013
Publisher: HarperTeen
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 272

Summary: Rachel Carter’s breathtaking time-travel romance, This Strange and Familiar Place, is a great pick for fans of Kerstin Gier’s Ruby Red trilogy.
In the second book of the So Close to You YA trilogy, Lydia Bentley has discovered that the conspiracy theories about the Montauk Project, the ones her grandfather had told her about all her life, were true all along.
The little town on Long Island really is the Area 51 of the east. Lydia’s hometown has been the site of government time-travel experiments since World War II. Among the “recruits” the Project has used as subjects in these experiments are two members of Lydia’s own family, and Wes, the boy she loves.
What is Lydia willing to sacrifice to save them?

My Thoughts: I really loved So Close To You, it sucked me right in, and I read it quickly. I did enjoy this one a lot, but not quite as much as the first book.

We are back with Lydia and she is trying to adapt to her new life. Things have changed quite a bit, and she has to deal with them in any way she can. They have altered events a bit, and people seem to be different, even Lydia herself. And, Wes is nowhere to be found even though Lydia hopes he can’t be too far away from her. She misses him, she loves him, and she wants to be in his arms again.

Lydia is also still confused by everything that has happened. She misses her grandpa and wants to help him. When Wes shows up one day and tells Lydia some information she tries to figure out a plan to fix everything. She decides to go on a mission with Wes and find answers.

They end up going together, and things are even more hectic. Wes seems distant and Lydia wants to know why. She also runs into her grandpa, and her feelings are haywire. She meets a new friends along the way, and I liked them!

And, the ending, oh man. I want the next book now!

I still really like Wes, even though he wasn’t as engaging in this one. I felt like he wasn’t as likable or as charming, at least for me.

Overall: I still like the characters, the plot, and everything. But, I felt like something was missing maybe. The chemistry wasn’t as strong and I felt like the plot wasn’t as fast paced. I still enjoyed it alot but I felt myself losing interest every once in awhile. During the first book, I was excited to flip the pages, and this one, not as much. I’m still excited for the next in the series though.

Cover: Like it. I love her long shiny hair and the weather and buildings in the background. 

What I'd Give It:

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