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The Truth About You And Me by Amanda Grace

The Truth About You And Me by Amanda Grace (Mandy Hubbard)
Release Date: September 8, 2013
Publisher: Flux
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 264

Summary:  Smart girls aren't supposed to do stupid things.

Madelyn Hawkins is super smart. At sixteen, she's so gifted that she can attend college through a special program at her high school. On her first day, she meets Bennet. He's cute, funny, and kind. He understands Madelyn and what she's endured—and missed out on—in order to excel academically and please her parents. Now, for the first time in her life, she's falling in love.

There's only one problem. Bennet is Madelyn's college professor, and he thinks she's eighteen—because she hasn't told him the truth.

The story of their forbidden romance is told in letters that Madelyn writes to Bennet—both a heart-searing ode to their ill-fated love and an apology.

My Thoughts: I was super excited for this one. A new one from Mandy Hubbard, plus this subject. It sounded very interesting... and “forbidden.”

We are introduced to Madelyn who is 16 years old, and in college. She is in a special program where she is much more advanced than the rest of her classmates so she gets to take college courses. She’ll be ahead as long as she keeps up. By the time she’s 21, she’ll probably even have a masters degree.

She goes to college classes, and she really likes one of her teachers. Bennet.  He smiles at her just the right way, he moves the right way, everything about him pulls her in.  And, he’s very attracted to her too thinking she is older than what she is. He is in his mid twenties or so.

They see each other out of class by coincidence while both of them are hiking, and this starts their romance. Right place, right time. He really does like her, but he won’t do anything with her until she isn’t his student anymore.

It was so hard for me to not like Bennet and Madelyn together. I know how wrong it was, how much younger she was, that she was a minor, but yet, I still wanted a nice perfect ending during the whole book.

What can I say? I really enjoyed this book through and through. I thought that it was all written in letter format would annoy me, but it didn’t. Madelyn tells us exactly what happened, how she felt, etc.

But that ending did about kill me... I just wanted to cry my eyes out.

Overall: Satisfied even if the ending broke my heart. I recommend reading this to anyone who likes Mandy Hubbard. I still need to read a few of her other books! FYI: Mandy Hubbard and Amanda Grace=same person!

Cover: Love Love Love it! I would grab this book the instant I saw this cover!

What I’d Give It:

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The Insouciant Sophisticate said...

I loved the letter format too-it made it very easy to get into Madelyn's head and see exactly how she felt and why she made the choices she did.


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