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Kissing In Italian (Flirting In Italian #2) by Lauren Henderson

Kissing In Italian (Flirting In Italian #2) by Lauren Henderson
Release Date: March 11, 2014
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 272

Summary: In addition to her studies, Violet loves the arts, the shopping, and the friendships she's found in Italy. But secretly, her main objective is to learn about her true identity and family history. She never imagined she would fall in love with handsome Italian Luca. And he feels the same about her. But there are certain rumors circulating, that if proven to be true will forbid that they end up together. They need answers, but are they prepared for the truth?

My Thoughts: I wasn't blown away by the first one but I enjoyed it so I was looking forward to reading this one!

We are back with Violet and her friends. They are still away from home and she is still trying to find out more about who she is and if she’s related to Luca, the boy she wants to be with.

Violet doesn’t really have anyone but her mother to turn to, so she does what she has to. She sends her mom a message asking for the truth.

While she’s waiting, she’s forced to go on with her life and try to enjoy things. I really enjoyed all the trips Violet went on. When she was swimming or just hanging out with her friends, there was always something magical going on. I felt like this one had a lot better descriptions of things so I felt like I was right there with her.

I also liked Luca a lot more in this one. I felt like I got to know him a little better and even though he wasn't around much, I enjoyed the scenes with him.

I raced right through this one and enjoyed it a bit more than the first one. Awesome contemporary!

And the ending, wow. I kind of saw it coming but it definitely spiced things up for me and I understood things better. For some reason, I didn’t even think how complicated things were really. I liked how it played out.

Overall: I enjoyed this one quite a bit. I liked Henderson’s way of describing things and I felt Violet grew a little as a person. I also liked her friends once again. And I liked both Evan and Luca.  I also liked the little side plots as well. A lot going on but a good story!

Cover:  Like it! The covers are what drew me into these books. I think the covers are adorable and this one is just as cute as the first! 

What I'd Give It:

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