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Summer State Of Mind (Whispering Pines #2) by Jen Calonita

Summer State Of Mind (Whispering Pines #2) by Jen Calonita
Release Date: April 22, 2014
Publisher: Poppy
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 256

Summary: Summer has finally arrived and fifteen-year-old Harper McCallister intends to spend her days at the mall shopping or by the pool at her country club. But after receiving her latest heart-stopping credit card bill, Harper's parents makes other plans, and ship her off to camp.

Suddenly, the clueless yet ever-popular Harper is the new girl at the bottom of a social ladder she can't climb in wedge sandals and expensive clothes. She seems to be winning over super-cute camp "Lifer" Ethan, though, and if she can manage to make a few friends--and stay out of trouble--she just might find a whole new summer state of mind.

A fresh and funny summer-camp companion novel to Jen Calonita's hit Sleepaway Girls.

My Thoughts: This was such a cute followup to Sleepaway Girls! I liked the new plot and the new set of characters.

We are introduced to Harper who is popular. She hasn't always been the way she is. She has two best friends and one of them brings out the snobbish girl in her. She also has a brother.

Harper’s parents are sick of her being a brat so they send her off to a camp that her father went too when he was younger. They think this will kick Harper into high gear on becoming a better human being.

Harper gets to camp and realizes the boy her group wasn't so nice too is also there. His name is Ethan and he’s a lifer. He goes there every summer. Harper realizes there is so much more to Ethan than she realized.

I loved seeing everything Harper had to do. I loved seeing her get all muddy. And there there were so many funny moments. I also really liked Ethan. And I’m glad he gave Harper the benefit of the doubt and became her friend. She also meets a few other people along the way that were interesting.

I loved how much camp changed Harper and how much she grew up. She realized who her true friends were.

Overall: This was a fun novel! But also had some real good life lessons. I loved how funny some of the moments were and what Harper had to endure. It was fun to watch! I’d probably give this between a 3.5 and 4 cupcake rating!

Cover: Like it! I’d probably pick it up in a store to see what it was about.

What I’d Give It:

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