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The Fire Artist by Daisy Whitney

The Fire Artist by Daisy Whitney
Release Date:October 14, 2014
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 288

Summary: A forbidden romance literally heats up in this new fantasy from acclaimed author Daisy Whitney.

Aria is an elemental artist—she creates fire from her hands. But her power is not natural. She steals it from lightning. It’s dangerous and illegal in her world. When she’s recruited to perform, she seizes the chance to get away from her family. But her power is fading too fast to keep stealing from the sky. She has no choice but to turn to a Granter—a modern day genie. She gets one wish at an extremely high price. Aria’s willing to take a chance, but then she falls in love with the Granter . . . and he wants his freedom. Aria must decide what she’s willing to bargain and how much her own heart, body, and soul are worth.

In a world where the sport of elemental powers is the most popular form of entertainment, readers will be swept away by a romance with stakes higher than life and death.

My Thoughts: I really wanted to love The Fire Artist but I just liked it.

We are introduced to Aria who comes from a family of many talented people. Her brother and her father both have their own gifts so Aria longs to have one too. She does get one, but in another way.

I liked Aria but I just never felt connected to her. I liked the idea of shooting fire out of her body but I just couldn’t see it in my head very easily. I did like learning about what she and her brother could do though.

I liked the concept of this one but I never felt like I really connected to the story or the characters very well. I thought it was an interesting story.

I have enjoyed the novels by Whitney I have read and will continue to read them!! She’s very talented!

Overall:  I liked it enough but I just didn’t find myself in love with it. I think it was an interesting concept and had some interesting characters but I never really connected with the main character or even the love interest! Hopefully you’ll enjoy it more.

Cover: Its somewhat spooky! I like it!

What I’d Give It:

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