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Unleashed (Uninvited #2) by Sophie Jordan

Unleashed (Uninvited #2) by Sophie Jordan
Release Date: February 25, 2015
Publisher: HarperTeen
Age Group:Young Adult
Pages: 368

Summary:  What if the worst thing you ever did was unforgivable?

Davy’s world fell apart after she tested positive for Homicidal Tendency Syndrome. She was expelled from her school, dumped by her boyfriend, abandoned by friends, and shipped off to a camp that turns HTS carriers into soldiers. Davy may have escaped, but the damage has already been done. The unthinkable has happened. Now, even worse than having everyone else see her as a monster is the knowledge that they may have been right about her all along. Because Davy has killed.

On the run from government agents, Davy is rescued by Caden, the charismatic leader of an underground group of rebels. Despite Caden’s assurances that the Resistance is made up of carriers like her, Davy isn’t sure she can trust them. Then again, she doesn’t even know if she can trust herself . . . or her growing feelings for Caden. But if she doesn’t belong with Caden and his followers, is there anywhere she can call home?

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed Uninvited last year when I read it, so I was really looking forward to reading Unleashed. And I wasn't disappointed.

We are back with Davy and her boyfriend Sean. They are among a few other friends and are trying to cross into Mexico. They have to get away from everything going on in the US and from what they hear, people are safe in Mexico for the most part.

Well, they try to make it across and events happen and Davy ends up somewhere else.

There she meets a boy named Caden. He’s pretty nice and trusting but Davy knows better to trust so she tries to harm him to protect herself. He just kind of shrugs it off and doesn’t take it personally.

Well Davy ends up meeting a lot more people, Caden’s friends or crew. They are part of The Resistance to an extent. They help people get across the Mexico border. Everyone there has tested for the kill gene. So they know what it is like to be hunted.

Sooooo much happened in this one. People live, people die. I got teary eyed a few times.

Even though I really liked Sean, I also now really like Caden. He’s so much more different than Sean yet he brings out Davy’s qualities. Her strong loyal qualities. I couldn’t help myself falling for him.  In the end I may have ended up liking him more than I did Sean. We do get to see Sean and her friends a few times in the book and Davy thinks about them all the time.

Unleashed was a good one for me. I was in the mood for this when I read it. Even though it was a little slow at times even though a lot did happen, I loved this one.  

I love the character development and I love seeing how Davy is getting stronger by the minute!

Overall: I liked the addition of all the new characters. I loved the plot. I loved Caden and Davy. I loved the ending. Oh, the ending. It was pretty perfect for me!

Cover: Its cute! I think it fits and the girl does fit a good Davy! Pretty cover!

What I’d Give It:

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Jessica @ a GREAT read said...

Great review! I haven't read many for this one yet but this Caden guy has me intrigued! And it's been too looooooooong since I read Uninvited! You'd think a year wouldn't be, but oh so many books have happened! Hoping my memory comes back once I get going! I think it will! It usually does with series and what not! LOL!

GREAT review, again! Cannot wait for my copy to arrive!


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