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Sea by Heidi Kling

Sea by Heidi Kling
Release Date: June 10, 2010
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 336

Summary:  Still haunted by nightmares of her mother's death, fifteen-year-old Sienna Jones reluctantly travels to Indonesia with her father's relief team to help tsunami orphans with their post traumatic stress disorder-something Sienna knows a lot about. Since her mother's plane went missing over the Indian Ocean three years before, Sienna doesn't do anything if it involves the ocean or planes, so this trip is a big step forward.
But the last thing she expects is to fall for Deni, a brooding Indonesian boy who lives at the orphanage, and just so happens to be HOT. When Deni hears a rumor that his father may be alive, Sienna doesn't think twice about running away with him to the epicenter of the disaster. Unfortunately, what they find there could break both their hearts.

My Thoughts:  I waited forever and ever to read Sea but I really liked it! We are introduced to Sienna who lives with her father. Her mother died a while back on a trip her parents took. They always do stuff for other countries, charity work and helping after tragedies. Like tsunamis, stuff like that.  

After school gets out, her father plans a trip and this time he invites Sienna along to help out. This makes Sienna excited but also fearful. She’s never really done anything like this before. She usually gets left behind.  She’s used to it.

She ends up going with her father and meets a lot of kids. I loved the little girl she meets. I also liked seeing how rough it really was over there. She had to go to the bathroom in a hole and just washing her hair was hectic. All the little things we take for granted are a huge deal in other countries, and we usually don’t think twice about them.

She also meets a boy named Deni. Man, I really liked him from the get go. He was tough yet sensitive. He lost his family and now he’s all alone.

When Deni gets word that his father might still be alive he needs to leave and see if its true. Well, Sienna is worried about him so she hatches a plan.  Man, that did not end how I expected.  What he finds is crazy yet it just fit so well. Even if things were a little weird and not what I expected, I liked it.

I really liked this one a lot. It was beautiful and interesting and I liked reading about what it was like over there and what people went through. It really opens your eyes and makes you appreciate things a little bit more.

Overall:  An enjoyable read. Makes you put things in perspective. I highly recommend this one! Don’t know why I waited so long to read it!

Cover: Love it. The cover is what originally drew me into this book a few years ago! I’m so glad I read it. Probably more of a 4.5 rating for me.

What I’d Give It:


Shane @ItchingforBooks said...

Great review. This book is new to me but I'm intrigued. I like that the characters travel to other countries and the fact it makes you more appreciative of what you have. It also makes you wonder what you would have done had you been in that position. So this definitely seems like a great story. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Unknown said...
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