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Reign Fall: Demon Princess by Michelle Rowen

Reign Fall: Demon Princess by Michelle Rowen

Release Date: January 1, 2012
Publisher:  Createspace
Age Group:  Young Adult
Pages:  282

Summary:   Prophesies, demon slayers, dragons, homework... It's going to be a hell of a week! It's been a dangerous ride for Nikki Donovan since she first learned she's a demon princess. And the ride isn't over yet! She's just found out that her best friend is a demon slayer in training, one who doesn't know that Nikki is exactly the prey she's sworn to hunt. Nikki's demon king father has signed her up for lessons on how to master her erratic half-demon powers, and that's on top of her regular homework! Also, she's torn between two boys-Rhys, the faery king she's prophesied to marry, and Michael, a Shadow whom she's forbidden to love. To top it all off, a dark force is haunting Nikki, something mysterious and evil that wants the demon princess dead...but who-or what-is it? Reign Fall is Book #3 in the Demon Princess series.

My Thoughts:  Wow. I read the first two in this series a while ago, and I didn’t even know there was a third one out until I stumbled upon it one day.

We are back in the world of Nikki Donovan who is a Demon Princess! If you recall, Nikki has dealt with a lot. From prophecies to her love life, things have been hectic. And she also has to keep it a secret from her bestie that she’s a demon princess. Heck, her mom doesn’t even know!

In this one, Nikki learns more about who she is and what she is supposed to do and is capable of. She also has two love interests. First there was Michael, a shadow from her dad’s world. I still really like Michael even if he is dealing with a lot of stuff. Than, there is Rhys. Rhys is the faery king she’s prophesied to marry. WOW. I still really love both boys.  I crave scenes with them both. It’s so hard to choose! Michael, there is always a pull towards him and than Rhy’s. He’s so funny and charming.

Man, Nikki deals with a lot in this one. She has to deal with her best friend becoming a demon slayer and then trying to keep her mom out of the loop.

WOW. Just Wow !

Overall:  I had a hard time getting into this one. I laughed at the beginning but it took me a while to get through the first half of the book. But boy once I was hooked, I devoured that second part of the book. And it left me wanting the next book in the series and it doesn’t have a release date yet. I need to know what happens! WOW. I just need to know!!!! I really enjoyed this series so much and they keep getting better and better!

Cover:  Love it! Love all these!

What I’d Give It:

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