Sunday, July 19

Just wanted to tell everyone hi and I have some new reviews coming this week plus a special surprise!

Also need some help from my fellow bloggers! The other day I saw this book I wanted to remember, now I can't remember the name of it! Darn it!

The only thing I remember is it had a girl on the front, her legs at least, and she had on pink slippers. I think they were bunny slippers. Anyone have any idea what it is? I can not remember the name of it at all!!! Anyone????

EDIT: TRIN: Nope, not that book (but thanks alot now I have another book I want to read, lol)

Anyone else? I can not remember the darn name, I have been draining my brain trying to remember!!!! I'm thinking its not out yet and I saw it on a Waiting on Wed post!

EDIT: YES YAN! That is it, you found it, yay!!!! Thank you, thank you! Guess the carpet is pink, not her slippers. I'm lucky I even remember they were bunny slippers. LOL

It is An Off Year by Claire Zulkey


Katrina said...

girl and not a guy in pink slippers? Maybe this

Yan said...

I remember seeing it on goodreads...

Yan said...

was it this one??

Claire said...

if you want a copy, drop me an email with your address and I'll have an advanced readers copy sent to you! :)

WordVore Prod said...

Oh yeah...I read this book--pretty cool:D
Check out my review here:


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