Thursday, July 16

Megan Meades Guide To The McGowan Boys

Summary: Army brat Megan Meade does not want to leave the States to follow her parents to South Korea, so, she agrees to stay with the McGowan family, where she will be the only girl among seven sons. Naturally, this causes more than a little disruption: she's accused of hooking up with Evan, makes an enemy of Doug, and falls for Finn.

My Thoughts: I got this book a few months ago and put off reading it until now! What a mistake! This is one of my new favorite books! It is so cute and adorable. The writing style is really easy to follow and the words just flow on the pages. Even with 7 boys as main characters you get to know them and get to like each one for their own unique personalities. I instantly liked it within the first 10 pages and read it all one sitting! Great book! Go get it now!!!!


Sara said...

I really liked this book... I read it awhile ago and loved the story and plot.

Kaitlyn said...

OMG, I also loved this book!
I read it in one night too!!
Wasn't it just too cute?!



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