Saturday, August 8

Something, Maybe by Elizabeth Scott

Summary: In this often astute, occasionally awkward take on family and unwanted fame, Hannah Jackson James tries not to live in her parents' dubious shadow. Her father is an aging reality TV star with a Hugh Hefner-esque castle full of girlfriends. Her mother, a minor actress and former girlfriend of Jackson's, now makes her money hosting a webcam show in skimpy underwear. Five years later, her concerns include staying unnoticed at school, making sure her mom can pay the bills, and deciding how to approach the object of her affection, a fellow student named Josh who works next to Hannah at the drive-through call center for a fast-food chain. Her relationships with her peers are less believable. Her interest in Josh never quite seems genuine, and readers realize long before she does that Finn, a kind but irreverent goofball, is a better match.

My Thoughts: So its been a while where I really get sucked into a book. Where I lay in bed and don't want to turn off the light because I'm still reading and I want to know what happens next. Where the thought of putting the book aside makes me sad. Until now.. Well, this book totally amazed me! This is now one of my favorite new books. When I first saw this book I had no clue what it was about. With the title Something, Maybe it could be about anything. I loved the storyline. The characters were awesome, every single one of them. They all had an appeal to them.
Hannah is a very likable character. You feel like you know what she's been through and you can relate to her so easily. My favorite was Finn!!! I adored him! I was in love with him from the very beginning. I did not like Josh at all, he rubbed me the wrong way. This book hooks you from the very beginning, its that good.

Overall: GREAT GREAT book! One of my new favorites! Recommend it to everyone!!!!

Cover: Totally fits the book! I love her hat and her bracelets. Its the right color of blue! A little low key but fits wonderfully.

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~The Book Pixie said...

I can't wait to read this! I'm glad you liked it and now you have me wanting to read it even more. Great review!



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