Saturday, October 3

Bloom by Elizabeth Scott

Summary: the story of Lauren, a not-so-popular high school junior who is dating the secretly celibate most popular boy in school. Without warning, Evan, the loner son of her distant father's former live-in girlfriend, returns to town and stirs up confusing emotions for Lauren, who once believed that a popular boyfriend was all she needed to secure happiness. Soon, she invents extra band-practice time as an excuse to avoid her boyfriend, her super-stressed best friend, and her empty house, and spends more time with the decidedly not celibate Evan.

My Thoughts: This is my second Elizabeth Scott book. I will be reading more from her! I heart her! I particularly enjoyed this book and didn't want it to end. As I flipped the pages and got closer to the end, it left me sad. I enjoyed it a lot! I love that Lauren runs into Evan after so many years and they have an instant connection. Not so much as brother and sister (their parents were dating) but more like a connection into their souls. I loved watching the chemistry between them and the way their friendship blossomed. Yes, I should bring up her celibate boyfriend but I'll let you read about him, I didn't find him that fascinating to be honest. I especially liked the part where Lauren's dad did not remember Evan. I think that could really happen in real life. The more time goes on, the more we forget and forget what is really important. I loved the characters in this book, the setting, the chemistry, and especially all the relationships.

Overall: Wonderful. Love the writing style, love Lauren and Evan! Loved everything about this book!!!

Cover: Another pretty cover! Lately I have been reading a lot of books with flowers on the cover. haha!


Lori (sugarandgrits) said...

Great review ~ Love the cover! Daisies are my fave flower! =)

~ Lori

Allison said...

Elizabeth Scott's books are fantastic! I just reviewed Stealing Heaven yesterday.

Thanks for the review! :)

Nina said...

It sounds like a fun book to read. Thank you for the review. :)

Anonymous said...

I love this book soo much! One of my favorites from Elizabeth. :)

Briana said...

Sounds fantastic! I like to cover too, its simple but cute. Great review!! :)


brizmus said...

Wow, lots of love from you! Looks good. I can only think of one book I've ever read with flowers prominent on the cover.


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