Friday, October 2

Love On Cue by Catherine Hapka

Summary:When you have to sing your heart out, it's best to know howâ?¦. Maggie Tannery is a true theater girl and a total shoo-in for the lead in this year's school production of Romeo and Juliet. She's seriously psyched because it looks like her crush, Derek, might be playing her Romeo both on- and offstage—if all goes as planned. But when her school decides to perform a musical instead, Maggie catches a major case of stage fright—because she can't sing! With her lead role in jeopardy, as well as her chance of winning her leading man, Maggie turns to the musically talented Nico to give her voice lessons. But their voices aren't the only things that seem to be harmonizing. As Maggie tries to break a leg—and not her heart—she wonders who the music man of her dreams really isâ?¦..

My Thoughts: I had this one sitting here for a while. I bought it when it first came out at the beginning of summer but never got around to reading it yet. I read it in one sitting! I really enjoyed the concept of the play and how it got turned into a musical. We meet Maggie who gets to play opposite of her crush Derek. She wants to take this opportunity to get close to him, but when the heart is involved things don't always go as planned. Yes, it was predictable but its one you still want to read because we all need some romance in our life's, right? We meet all Maggie's friends and we realize how popular Derek is. Honestly, I didn't really like him too much from the beginning but had a crush on someone else. That is for me not to tell, and you to figure out. If you haven't had a chance to read this, its only around 200 pages so if your in between really thick books right now, give this one a shot!

Overall: Cute! If you like plays or musical, its a must read for sure! Its also one of the cheaper books on amazon so go buy it right now!

Cover: I'm usually not a big fan of covers that aren't "real" people but I like this one. Its cute and stands out. I like the sheets in their hands too. Very cute.

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