Sunday, October 18

His Eyes by Renee Carter

Amy Turner's about to graduate from high school and all she wants is a job. Actually, all she wants is to find a way to pay for college. Amy certainly isn't looking for love when she answers an ad to baby-sit a boy-she just needs the cash. But the job has a catch: The boy is blind...and he's her age.

Tristan Edmund may be hot, but he doesn't want Amy's help. Or so he thinks. After being blinded in a horse show-jumping competition, Tristan spends his days in the dark, refusing to accept his disability. Much to his annoyance, Amy bursts into his life and drags him into the light. But just as the two begin to see something in each other, Tristan's beautiful ex-girlfriend shows up. Will the temptation be too much, or will Tristan choose the girl who really sees him?

My Thoughts: Where to start? I will start with the price. I usually do not worry about prices but this one is around 10 dollars on amazon and its less than 200 pages which is a bit to me for such a short book. BUT, it is worth every cent. I loved loved this book. We meet Amy who is in desperate need of money so she can go to a private expensive college so she takes up a job to babysit Tristan. She does not know he's her age! And whats more? He's blind. He went blind from a horse competition. They start spending time together, and than his old girlfriend who is supposedly hot shows up! Without giving away the whole book, I will just say this book is amazing. I felt myself very entertained with the remarkable chemistry between Amy and Tristan. I also liked all the side characters, his family and her family. I particularly like his little brother. Its one of those that leaves you thinking about it for days. The kind that gives you butterflies while reading it! Its a great love story and when miracles like these happen, the two falling for each other, it is wonderful and gives me hope.

Overall: Renee Carter did it right!!! She wrote a beautiful and amazing story. I was hooked from the first page and over the course of the book I felt myself falling in love with Tristan. I didn't want it to end! I could have kept reading about them forever!!!! LOVED IT!

Cover: Cute cover. We don't get to see what Tristan really "looks" like so we can imagine him in our minds how we want him to look. I like the sunglasses on the ground and I like how we can just see the legs. Very artistic and beautiful just like the story. I'm not sure, if they are Amy or Tristan's legs? His sunglasses are right there but his shoes look like a girly color. I'm not sure, either way cute cover!

What I'd Give It:

Watch The Book Trailer HERE!


Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

This book sounds adorable! I'll definitely have to check this one out, thanks. :)

Dani. said...

I had seen this book around but never knew what it was about. I loved your review and now I'm definately going to go and read it, or pine until it comes out atleast! Thanks for the review:)


Yan said...

hey you figured out the blockquote :) I think those are the girls legs? the shoes are pinkish red aren't they? O_O plus they're kinda thick. *shrugs* I don't know. at any rate it sounds interesting. maybe I'll see if my library has this when I want something sad/happy lol

Cindy said...

Yan, good point. And I did figure out the box, ha! After messing around a while. LOL. I really don't know. Those are his sunglasses though, but not sure whose legs. Either way, I think its a cute cover.

Test said...

This book does sound so cute and I think your review just officially sold me on it! :)

brizmus said...

The shoes are a girly cover and the pants look pretty girly, too. . .hmmm. . .
book sounds very cute!

Patricia said...

It sounds like a really cute and unique book. I've never heard of a story like it.


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