Sunday, October 18

Demon Chick by Marilyn Kaye

Summary: Jessica may not have the warmest relationship with her mother, aspiring presidential candidate Margaret Hunsucker, but it still comes as a shock when she discovers that her mother has sold her to the devil. Will she have to spend eternity in hell with one of Satan’s minions, a demon named Brad? Brad takes pains to explain that they live in one of hell’s better neighborhoods, and he seems like a nice enough guy—but still! And things only get worse when Jessica learns the full extent of her mother’s evil plans. Can she and Brad come up with a plan to save the world?

This one was a fun quick read. Its only a little over 200 pages and they go by really fast.We jump right in and discover why Jessica ends up in hell and how she is promised to Brad. He owns her. We find out all about her mother and the campaign. Can't really say too much or else I'll give away the whole book. It starts off quick and goes by quick. I especially liked the part where they can watch others on tv from the earth. If it was only that easy to find out what someone was doing, hehe. I also took an instant liking to Brad. There was nothing scary about him and we learn why he is in hell and why he is a demon.

Overall: Quick fast read. I like Marilyn Kaye and usually read her books. This one went by really fast!

Cover: The cover is ok but honestly I don't like this chick for some reason. Something about her, I just don't see her as Jessica.But still an alright cover, and her lips stick out a lot, the bright red lipstick.

What I'd Give It:

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