Friday, March 26

I adore Tyler Hilton

I have been waiting for this guys new CD for years!!!! Its been years since he came out with one/or a video!!!!

I just saw this and I got soooooo excited!!!! Jumping up and down here!!! (I did a blog post about meeting him a while back and having my picture taken with him)
My post is here if you didn't get a chance to laugh at me! LOL

FYI: Yes that is Megan Park From Secret Life Of An American Teenager (this his girlfriend)


Corrine said...

Ooooh! I love Tyler Hilton too! Glad to see he's got some new stuff coming out. :D

That is awesome that you got to meet him! :)

Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

I never really got into Tyler Hilton because his character on OTH really irked me. I know, I know, I shouldn't judge a guy from a TV role, but I was way into that show a bit too much once upon a time. But I've been listening to him lately and realized I had been really missing out! I love this new song. Thanks for sharing :)

bookaholic said...

Lovely video :)

bianca_riot said...

i liked Tyler Hilton when i saw him on One Tree Hill- even though he was an ass, he was still funny. His songs, When It Comes, Glad etc where amazing and fit the show so well that thats why i adore him now. Love your post :)

Zia said...

I think Tyler Hilton is great and I'm glad to see he's got new stuff coming. I miss hearing him.


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