Tuesday, May 25

So Over My Head

By Jenny B Jones


Fresh from saving the prom from a disastrous end, Bella--the amateur sleuth of Truman High--is ready to relax with her new boyfriend, Luke. Or so she thought.

When Luke's ex shows up, Bella has to wage a full-scale war to win him back. Her father is moments away from saying "I do" to a diva with shady motives. And a murdering magician has disappeared, leaving Bella dangling on a tightrope of one crazy adventure after another. Can Bella stop a wedding, win back the boy, and catch a killer before he strikes again?

My Thoughts: We are back to join Bella and the gang for another adventure. We are reunited with Bella's family and her friends. And of course Luke. Dreamy sexy nerdy Luke. There is a carnival in town and of course a murder just has to happen. And Bella is right there investigating to find out what happen and who ended up doing the murdering. Theres also another storyline going on at the same time, a few actually. One, Bella thinks that her fathers soon to be wife is up to something, and not something good. Bella doesn't want her father to get hurt so she starts looking into that. And of course there has to be some drama with Luke. His ex is back in town and she has her claws hooked right into him. Bella knows she has competition and it annoys her!

I really liked finding out what was going on with her Dad's girlfriend. I even liked how Bella's ex was thrown into the mix. Just as a friend of course, more or less he owed Bella a few favors after what he did to her. I also liked how Bella and her buddy worked for the carnival while investigating. And Luke. Oh Luke. I didn't like him as much in this book as the others. There were a few parts where he came off as a bit annoying. I think its because he kept defending his ex, and I wanted to yell at him, open your eyes, she clearly wants you back!!!! I still like Luke though.

With this series, I think that if you have a bit country in you, you'll enjoy these. If you've ever been around pigs,horses, farms, you'll feel right at home.

I recommend reading this series in order if you haven't already!

Overall: I think my favorite book so far was the 1st in the series. But it introduces us to everyone and it just flows really nicely. I still really enjoyed So Over My Head though and I like taking adventures with Bella.

Cover: This is my favorite cover! I could see Bella looking like the girl, I like the Ferris wheel in the background, and of course the pink cover.

What I'd Give It:

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