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Confessions Of A First Daughter

By Cassidy Calloway

Summary: Morgan Abbott has no social life and no privacy, and her every screwup makes front page news. That’s what happens when your mom’s the president of the United States—and Morgan is sooo over it. But now her mom needs a presidential stand-in! With the help of Morgan’s cute new secret service agent, a little makeup, and a lot of family resemblance, she’s soon seeing things from the other side of the desk.

On the heels of a historic election, books about girls in politics are more popular than ever. Readers won’t be able to resist the smart, spunky, klutzy-yet-lovable heroine in this fresh and fun new teen novel!

My Thoughts: Have you ever seen the movie First Daughter starring Katie Holmes? Confessions Of A First Daughter reminded me a lot of that movie. In other words, I loved it! Reading this book made me want to watch First Daughter (which I already own). We meet Morgan Abbott who is the President of the United States daughter. She is 18 and just wants to be normal, not be covered with media attention all the time. There is always attention on her to be on her best behavior. She has a best friend named Hannah who is always there for her and would drop anything she's doing at the drop of a hat for Morgan. She isn't best friends with Morgan because of who she is either, she is very sincere and a real friend. Morgan also has a boyfriend named Konner. You could see from the get go he was just dating her for the popularity factor. He thought it made him look good. To me, he was a creep. Morgan also runs for class president and of course things don't go as planned for her. Trouble seems to follow her around and she even loses her pants, and has dilemma's all around.

Enter her mother, the president. She is a busy women and needs Morgan's help. Morgan pretends to be her for a little while. Yes, she looked that much like her!

Now on to my favorite character, Max. Max was a 20 year old guy who just happened to be a secret service agent. I could tell from minute one I was going to love him. And did I? Yes, Yes, Yes! I would love to be protected by Max. Morgan dislikes Max at first, because why does she need a new secret service agent, whats wrong with her old one and why does this new guy have to be so young and kinda cute? Every time Max called Morgan "The Tornado" I would bust out in a burst of giggles.

Max and Morgan do spend lots of time together, and I enjoyed watching their relationship develop. I am so excited to read the 2nd book! Does Morgan win class president? Does she get caught impersonating her mother? What happens with Konner and Max? Read this one to find out!

Overall: Honestly, there is nothing serious about Confessions Of A First Daughter. Yes, there is a plot and there are real situations throughout the book (the deal with Africa, etc) but this book is meant to be fun, romantic, and a book to make you smile and have fun with it. It highly succeeds.

Cover: Love it! Look at her shoes, so pretty! But once, I saw the cover for the 2nd one, I was even more amazed!

What I'd Give It:


Karen (Euro Crime) said...

I keep meaning to buy this one. I loved the film, First Daughter so this appealed. Glad it's a fun one!

Anonymous said...

Awesome review! Totally agree with what you have to say.. I loved this book and really loved the second one! =)

Empress Awesome said...

Whoa, that sounds crazy! But fun! But totally unrealistic! But awesome! I'm sort of glad that there's a woman president involved. You'd think America would have done it before a YA novel, but that's just life for ya.

Alex Bennett from Electrifying Reviews said...

This one looks great!

Ronnica said...

I enjoy movies like First Daughter, not sure that I have the patience to deal with it in book form, though.


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