Sunday, September 5

Losing Faith Winner

Today we have the winner for Losing Faith!!!!
WINNER 1st Image
70 Votes VS 33 Votes
Please contact me winner with the mailing address!

Prize: Signed Copy of Losing Faith
Signed Bookmarks
Poetry Journal

The first thing I thought when I saw this cover is, “I want to hire this girl for my website and swag!” It absolutely captivated me. I love the vibrant colors, the break-up of the images, the brightness of the clouds, the butterflies, the serene look of the girl – I adore it all! This one is gorgeous and haunting! I love how the text is woven into the hair. I think it’s a very creative angle on the shot that really makes you stop and look. The muted colors with the sudden shock of red is perfect. Gorgeous! The red is so striking in this one, it drew my eye right away. I love how this one is a bit sad, without being morbid. After all my work on the book, I realize this is a hard balance to strike. Bravo! Again, haunting! Sad, but not too sad. I really think there are not enough black and white covers out there. The shadows really add a mysterious quality to the image too, which really suits the book. It’s all a really beautiful combination. What gorgeous, luminescent butterflies! Butterflies hold a special place in my heart, and I think the artist here did a perfect job of highlighting them and bringing them to life. I like too how the girl is not the first thing you see in this one. She’s kind of an afterthought, which also has a mysterious feel to it. Great job!


lanna-lovely said...

First cover was mine, I'm glad Denise liked it. :)

I live in the UK, but my co-blogger is in the US so she gets the prize. =P

fredamans said...

Congrats winner!

Bidisha said...

Congrats winner!

All the covers were SO gorgeous :)


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