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Ink Exchange (Wicked Lovely #2) by Melissa Marr

Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr
Release Date: April 29, 2008
Publisher: Harpercollins
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 336

Summary: To 17-year-old Leslie, the tattoo is a thing of indescribable beauty, a captivating mark that she must make her own. But this subtle web of eyes and wings brings with it a transformation that no sweet young girl would ever imagine or welcome. Like its predecessor, this stand-alone sequel to Wicked Lovely plunges its youthful heroine into a faery world of almost constant peril. A tantalizing urban fantasy that won't let go..

My Thoughts: I really wanted to love this as much as Wicked Lovely but it fell a little short. We are introduced To Leslie who is Aislinn's best friend. Remember Aislinn from Wicked Lovely?

Leslie lives with her brother and her father is off doing only God knows what leaving Leslie and her brother to basically fend for themselves. Usually Leslie can float the bills with her job but sometimes it gets hard, especially since her brother doesn't do much besides smoke it up.

Leslie wants to get a tattoo, something to mark her independence. Something that will build her confidence and make her feel like she has some control over her own life.

Leslie ends up picking out a tattoo linked to the Dark Court and to Irial, the Dark Court's King. She is basically going to be used by him. She also has a thing for Niall (Keenan's "uncle.") Niall and Leslie are forbidden from each other by Kennan though.

I like the world of faeries. Its interesting how they can be around humans and the humans have no idea.

Ink Exchange was a lot different than Wicked Lovely. While Wicked Lovely was more interesting in my eyes, learning about the Summer Court.  Ink Exchange had a dark feel to it. It dealt with many different addictions and made me feel a bit disorientated. It was still a good book; just darker.

I really liked Niall, I might even say I loved him! But there was something mysterious and sexy about Irial too. I found myself rooting for both guys at different times. And the ending, wow. I can't wait to see what he does next or how he's going to handle things.

I'm excited to read the next in the series.

Overall: Ink Exchange was good, but not quite as great as Wicked Lovely. I'm excited to see where the characters end up.

Cover: Such a pretty cover! All these books have such eye catching pretty covers.

What I'd Give It:


Vivien said...

I love this series. While, Wicked Lovely stands out to me, this was still really good! The writing is just phenomenal.

Sophia said...

I haven't read this series, as I am not a big fan of fae. But the covers are very eye-catching! I know a lot of people like this series, so I'm sorry that this book disappointed.

ansindt said...

I love this cover! Melissa writes some great books=)

Maji Bookshelf said...

I've been SO hesitant to buy this series, there are no used book stores or bargain stores to buy the whole series, so i would spend a lot of money to buy them, i guess ill wait and get the first one as an ebook then see how much i like it!

great review!

- juhina

Michelle @ Book Briefs said...

I liked Wicked Lovely too, and I just started Ink Exchange and even though im only about 40 pages into it, I thought the same thing as you!

Unknown said...

I started on this one, but have yet to finish and so far I agree that it is not as good as Wicked Lovely was.


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